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Primary Community Lead Guide

Job Title: Montessori Lead Guide 

Reports To: Executive Director

Status: Full-time, Salaried, Year-round, Benefits  


Job Summary:

PRAIRIE HILL Learning Center guides direct their students’ activities as a whole being (academically, spiritually, emotionally, and physically) in a prepared Montessori environment that promotes the development of each child to reach their fullest potential, in accordance with Montessori philosophy and procedures for the age group in which they work.


Essential Duties:

Responsibilities include (but are not limited to): 

  • Maintain the prepared environment (of the classroom environment, materials and equipment; including but not limited to: self care and preparation, endeavoring to continue furthering and developing themselves through continuing education, conferences, personal reading, etc., ensuring that all materials are in good repair and all sets complete, develops and makes materials when needed, and the room is prepared and tidy). 

  • Plan and implements the Montessori curriculum giving appropriate presentations and establishing a record keeping system to track the children’s progress. 

  • Supervise the classroom assistant/s, substitutes, and parent volunteers. 

  • Promote good communication among staff members and facilitates a respectful environment for children and adults by advocating conflict resolution and grace and courtesy lessons. 

  • Stays within the classroom budget every year, being fiscally responsible with funds. 

  • Ensure respectful and open lines of communication with parents, being available to parents through written communication, setting up conferences, and educating parents in the Montessori philosophy. 

  • Regular updates with parents, building community and parent education. I.e. monthly updates, sharing observations and/or anecdotal examples with explanation

  • Plan and hosts parent education events about twice a year. 

  • Assist in the planning and maintenance of the outdoor environment to ensure a prepared environment. 

  • Assess prospective children when they visit the school. 

  • Provide first aid as needed and completes the appropriate forms for parents. 

  • Attend all faculty meetings and scheduled staff events. 

  • Is a community leader, responsible for the school and its well-being as a whole.

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