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Strategic Plan

One thing is clear when talking with the families, staff, and alumni who comprise the PRAIRIE HILL community: they have an abundance of love for it. They are eager to share their enthusiasm for the ways students connect to nature, the emphasis on curiosity and love of learning, and appreciation for the individuals who make it possible. Visioning conversations also identified areas for growth and improvement to enhance a community and school that is greatly valued and beloved by its members. In general, families want to know that children are thriving, and that PRAIRIE HILL will continue to be a successful and sustainable school. 

In this strategic plan, five principles guide PRAIRIE HILL. These principles grew out of the unified feedback about what is most important to our community and are presented in no particular order. Organizing goals around these values builds on our 40-year legacy while keeping our sights on continual growth, development, and refinement. The goals and outcomes give action to these principles and emphasize current priorities. As we work through these goals over the next four years, we will capitalize on our strengths, our history, and work creatively within the context of our environment. 

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