2020 Summer Camps have been cancelled due to COVID-19.


June 1 - 5

$200* (ages 6-12)

Would you like to design and build something? Work with artists and builders to design group and individual projects. Learn about simple machines and use these concepts to solve everyday problems with your own inventions. Learn safety procedures and how to (safely) use power tools to help guide your building. How many different items can we think of to build with? Natural earth materials, legos, bricks, wood, popsicle sticks and glue… Come and build!

Suzuki Violin Camp

June 8 - 12

$180* (half day, ages 3-15) // $260* (full day, ages 6-15)

Strings players are invited to come play in the prairie with us! Small group lessons and master classes will take place throughout the day from experienced violin instructors and tutors. PRIOR EXPERIENCE with violin needed. Listening and nature games, pony riding, gardening, and exploring on the farm are also a part of the experience. Half or full day options are available for this session. Led by accomplished violin player and instructor, Donna Carnes, and her staff.

Music Variety Camp
June 8 - 12
$200* (full day, ages 6-12)

Music variety camp is a place for campers to explore the creative arts, experiment with and learn how to play various instruments, play music in a group setting/ensemble, write songs, and learn basic music theory. The activities for the camp follow the Orff method and instruments. Orff combines music, movement, drama, and speech into lessons that are akin to a child’s world of play. Orff instruments include boomwhackers (pitched pvc pipes), djembe (drums), handbells, harmonicas, recorders, hand percussion and more!

Animal Encounters

June 15 - 19

$200* (ages 6-12)

Join us at NatureWorks Animal Encounters Camp with Dr. Eileen Hebets from UNL and Miranda Salsbery, (a UNL PhD student) to explore and encounter various animals. Come learn about scientific discovery, animal behavior, habits, and habitats. One of our most popular camps!

PRAIRIE HILL Adventure and Games!

June 22 - 26

$200* (ages 6-12)

This will be a week filled with adventure and games! 2020 is the year for the XXXII Olympic games in Tokyo. Let your child participate in their own adventure and games (mostly non-competitive, or self-competitive) designed to grow a child’s physical skills, motor development, team building skills, cooperation, encouragement, friendships, and confidence. It is time to have FUN and PLAY!


July 6 - 17

$400* (ages 6-12)

What better way to beat the heat than to play with and explore water! Water covers 71% of the earth, makes up 75% of our bodies, and has fascinating properties that need exploring! There are many experiments, games, play, and exploration to do with water. Can you design a water filtration system? Can you design and make a boat to float down a river? Can you make a heavy item float? Can you make a reusable water balloon to play with? Come get WET and explore at WaterWorks!


July 20 - 31

$400* (ages 6-12)

Explore color through all different senses during ColorWorks Camp. Experiment with prisms, powder, paint, clay, paper, chalk, tie dye, light, and so much more. The blend of science and art with unique daily activities will encourage a new perspective of our world. Can you draw using all the different colors? How many prism rainbows can you create? Can you construct your own prism? Blend color and value through chalk, acrylics and clay to produce an enriched understanding of the world around you.

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