2019 Summer Camps

Suzuki Violin Camp

June 3 - 7

$160* (half day, ages 3-12) // $250* (full day, ages 3-12)

Players are invited to come play in the prairie with us! Small group lessons and master classes will take place throughout the day from experienced violin instructors and tutors. PRIOR EXPERIENCE with violin needed. Listening and nature games, pony riding, gardening, and exploring on the farm are also a part of the experience. Half or full day options are available for this session. Led by accomplished violin player and instructor, Donna Carnes, and her staff.

Music Variety Camp
June 3-7
$190* (full day, ages 6-12)

Music variety camp is a place for campers to explore the creative arts, experimenting and learning how to play various instruments, how to play music in a group setting/ensemble, songwriting, and basic music theory. The activities for the camp follow the Orff method and instruments. Orff combines music, movement, drama, and speech into lessons that are akin to a child’s world of play. Orff instruments include boomwhackers (pitched pvc pipes), djembe (drums), handbells, harmonicas, recorders, hand percussion and more!

Animal Encounters

June 10 - 14

$190* (ages 6-12)

Dr. Eileen Hebets’ students from UNL will provide campers with an amazing experience discovering facts related to animals and scientific inquiry. Experiments, investigation, creativity, and critical thinking will lead to greater awareness and appreciation of the animal world.

On the Move

June 17 - 28

$380* (ages 6-9) // $395* (ages 10-12)

Ride into adventure this one- week camp with a variety camp of bikes (and any wheeled tool)! Campers will learn bike skills, bike maintenance, bike safety, local bike trails, and have fun with wheeled things of all kinds (scooters, wheels shoes, skateboards, tricycles, strider bikes, etc.). Have you ever tried out a unicycle, a recumbent bike, or a tandem bike? What about barrel walking?

Artful Antics

July 8 - 19

$380* (ages 6-9) // $395* (ages 10-12)

Unleash your child's imagination this summer! Art camp provides children a wonderful introduction to several forms of art, with various mediums, and media. Art can empower children to creative in their expression and gives them power in design and creativity. Each day at camp brings a new project that may include sketching, drawing, cartooning, painting, printmaking, clay, or sculpture. Children will also have time to work on longer projects that they can dedicate time to throughout the camp. We hope to inspire children to reach beyond and create art that is unique to them. It’s time for imaginations to soar! Our specialists are excited to come and help the children spend two weeks of building with natural materials, create art, along with NatureWorks usual activities of horsemanship, garden, play, games, snacks, singing, and overnights!

Back in Time to the Pioneer Days

July 22 - August 2

$380* (ages 6-9) // $395* (ages 10-12)

Have you ever wanted to go back in time and spend a day in Laura's world on the frontier — or Huck's world on the Mississippi, or Davy's in the woods?

The pioneer days were full of adventure and activities like rope making, butter churning, sewing, camping, building, problem solving, food gathering and preparing. Frontier Camp has master storyteller, Lee, and different “station guides” that will guide the children in experiencing many parts of frontier life throughout the day along with NatureWorks usual activities of horsemanship, garden, play, games, snacks, singing, and overnights!

Mini Camps — Camp PRAIRIE HILL

$315* Per Session (ages 3-6)

Each session includes eight days—
Tuesday - Friday, 9AM to 12:30PM

Session I: June 18-21 & June 25-28
Session II: July 9-12 & 16-19
Session III: July 23-26 & July 30-August 2

Your child will enjoy a rich, natural PRAIRIE HILL experience through gardening, leisurely walks in the pasture, egg- gathering, pony rides, building shelters in the woods, singing, stories, and much more. A lunch from home will taste delicious in the shade of our picnic area!


SCHEDULE (tentative*)

9:00 a.m. Drop-off: greeting and getting ready for the day
9:15 a.m. Circle Time: flag raising, songs, movement games
9:30 a.m. Garden Time/Nature Walk
10:15 a.m. Pony Rides
11:15 a.m. Lunch Preparation/Story Time
11:30 a.m. Picnic Lunch
12:15 p.m. Prepare for Pickup (at 12:30 p.m.)

*Schedule may vary depending on more time devoted to: watching a caterpillar crawl across a leaf, feeling the morning breeze in the meadow, picking juicy cherries in the orchard, enjoying a longer ride on Lucky, the Shetland pony, or, well... you get the idea.

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