PRAIRIE HILL Learning Center presents...

 Summer Camp 2022

From Earth to the Stars
Ages 6 - 13 years old

This summer we ask campers the question, “what aspects of life on Earth would you want to bring into the future, or even Mars?” Each week’s theme explores this question with hands-on activities lead by specialists, engaging campers with a new perspective of what their world around them has to offer. In addition to the weekly themes, campers will engage with the natural resources of the PRAIRIE HILL campus, from permaculture gardening, horse care & riding, and exploring prairie, pasture & forest ecosystems, to discovering innovative sustainability practices and infrastructure. While exploring nature and playing with friends, campers will come away with a dash of out-of-this world inspiration, creative-problem solving skills, and growth from the rich soil that makes PRAIRIE HILL special: community, nature and love.


Full-day & Half-day Options: All camps have the full-day option. Forest Adventures (Jul 11-15), Indigenous Wisdom (Jul 18-22), & Nature Art (Jul 25-29) additionally have a half-day option.

Time: Mon-Fri. Full-day camps run 9:00a.m.-3:30p.m. daily (extended hours available from 8:00a.m. until 4:30p.m.). Half-day camps run from 9:00a.m.-12:30p.m. (extended hours available from 8:00a.m.). 

Why PHLC? PRAIRIE HILL Learning Center has a strong emphasis on instilling a lifetime love of learning + play + care of ourselves, others, and the Earth! Our campus and culture emphasize exploring, playing and tinkering to improve sustainability and resilience for the future. Summer camp at PH is an idyllic way to enjoy summer with friends while spending time outside and learning a wide range of skills and knowledge.
PRICING: Full-day camps - $220/week/camper.

Half-day camps - $150/week/camper.

Daily snacks + 1 official camp shirt included. (Parents will provide child's lunch).

QUESTIONS?: Contact us with any questions at


  • June 6-10 Music Variety

  • June 13-17 Animal Encounters

  • June 20-24 Mars 1 (Journey to Mars)

  • June 27- July 1 Mars 2 (Living on Mars)

  • July 4- July 8 NO CAMP

  • July 11-15 Forest Adventures

  • July 18-22 Indigenous Wisdom

  • July 25-29 Nature Art


Music Variety (June 6- 10):

Campers will practice how to play music in a group setting/ensemble, songwriting, as well as basic music theory. They will engage with traditional kinds of music and consider new ways of making music. The activities for the camp follow the Orff method and instruments. Orff combines music, movement, drama, and speech into lessons that are akin to a child’s world of play. Orff instruments include boomwhackers (pitched pvc pipes), djembe (drums), handbells, hand percussion, and more!

Animal Encounters (June 13-17):

UNL graduate students in biology will provide campers with an amazing experience discovering facts related to animals and scientific inquiry. Campers will learn about micro- and macro-fauna and how they are important to our web of life. Experiments, investigation, creativity, and critical thinking will lead to greater awareness and appreciation of the animal world. Come explore the animal world and encounter creatures up close!

Mars 1 - The Journey to Mars (June 20-24):

This camp explores the question, “what would it take to send humans to Mars?” Campers will learn about the solar system, space travel, rocketry, human sustainment in space, and more. They will partake in team exercises to answer questions like “what are the parts of our life on Earth that we would want to take with us to the red planet?” The week will culminate with launching model rockets. Come find out what it will take to be the Mars generation!


Mars 2 - Living on Mars (June 27-July 1):

In this week, campers will navigate what it might look like to create a settlement on Mars. They will use STEAM to develop ideas for sustainment, shelter & sustenance for a Martian community. They'll work as teams to practice ideas to answer questions like, “How should we organize and govern ourselves? What infrastructure and tech would a sustainable settlement require? What could the future of a terra-formed Mars look like?” and of course “What should we name our settlement?”



Forest Adventures (July 11-15):

Campers will learn first-hand just how much fun can be had and useful knowledge learned from exploring forests. Campers will get to learn skills like shelter-building, tracking, camouflage and stalking and more, and knowledge like identifying types of plants and trees and what their various parts can be used for (or should be avoided), patterns and signs of forest fauna, and much more. Campers will also be introduced to broader ideas of the importance of forests to our ecosystems and how lifecycles of complex systems can be seen in forests.


Indigenous Wisdom (July 18-22):

Campers will get to participate in learning old local Nebraska knowledge from authentic sources. Topics will include culture, environment, food, language, and more. Campers will get to participate in skills used by Indigenous Nebraska cultures, and also work together to answer the question, how can indigenous wisdom be applied to our future?

Nature Art (July 25-29):

Campers will get to create many kinds of art, and learn how art materials, such as dyes, clays, woods, fibers, and more, can be made from the local environment. Campers will also get to rethink how used goods might be recycled into meaningful creations. Come and explore the natural world and your creativity!

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