Staff at Prairie Hill

JEFF AHERN - Primary Assistant
LIZZE BARTZ - Primary Montessori Intern
MORGAN BEACH - Elementary and Adolescent Choir and Art
GRANT BROWNYARD - Young Children’s and Primary Assistant
DAYANA CORREDOR - Younger Elementary Assistant
CHRIS EIGBRETT - Director of Pedogogical Support
JUSTIN FEARING - Primary Lead Teacher
KRISSA HAMRIC - Younger Elementary Lead Teacher
JEANNE HEVENER - Administrative Specialist
SHEILA HEYDT - Primary Assistant
JORDAN HOPE - Older Elementary Lead Teacher
NICOLE JOHNSON - Younger Elementary Lead Teacher
JOYCE KELLER - Young Children’s and Primary Community Cook
DARREN KRAFKA - Young Children’s and Primary Assistant
KATE PICARD - Older Elementary Assistant
IAN McKERCHER - Primary Assistant and Earth House after school coordinator
JASON NORD – Adolescent Lead Teacher
SANDRA REBEL-BATELAAN - Young Children’s Lead Teacher
BECCA ROSS - Adolescent Assistant
MANDIE SCHADWINKEL - Executive Director
LYLE SHEARER - Maintenance Support
TAWNYA SKINNER - Earth House Cook and PH Food Coordinator
ANIA SZARY-BERKOWITZ - Young Children’s Lead Teacher
KRISTINA TIEBEL - Young Children’s Assistant
JONATHON YATES - Facility Manager