Young Children's Assistant Teacher

Do you have a desire to help young children explore their world through nature? PRAIRIE HILL is seeking an Assistant Teacher for ages 18 months - 3 years of age. This will be a part-time position, with the possible option for additional time subbing in other communities. Competitive wages and a great working environment. Located seven miles south of Lincoln on a farm-based Montessori school.

Please submit cover letter and resume to prairiehillschool@yahoo.com.

Substitute Assistant Teachers

PRAIRIE HILL is looking for substitute assistant teachers for the upcoming school year. Although previous teaching experience is advantageous, a desire to work with children in the Montessori setting is equally important and will be considered as well. Substitute positions are available in all three communities (i.e. Young Children, Primary and Elementary). Observation and training in each community along with schedule flexibility is necessary.

Our campus consists of 12 acres of school campus, as well as unspoiled prairie, wooded, and park-like areas. The Elementary is housed in a unique, straw-bale construction building, powered by alternative energy sources. We offer integrated experiences in music, art, organic gardening, and animal husbandry (ponies, ducks, sheep, chickens, peacocks) presented by specialists and/or certified AMI teachers. The children also prepare fresh, vegetarian meals daily with the assistance of an experienced adult guide. PRAIRIE HILL has a 36 year history of environmental education and a commitment to the highest Montessori standards.

E-mail Address: Send resume to prairiehillschool@yahoo.com

Mailing Address: PRAIRIE HILL Learning Center, 17705 S. 12th St., Roca, NE 68430

Telephone Number: 402-438-6668 and ask to speak to the director, Julianna Grabianowski

PRAIRIE HILL is located seven miles south of Lincoln, Nebraska (population 250,000), state capital and home to the University of Nebraska, Lincoln. A dynamic, fully equipped non-profit school with toddler, primary, and elementary classrooms. Highly trained staff work as a team to coordinate a comprehensive Montessori experience for 85 to 90 children; PRAIRIE HILL offers unique opportunities to integrate Montessori learning between indoor and outdoor environments in a beautiful farm setting. A family-like atmosphere prevails, creating a multi-age community involving children, parents and staff.